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Halloween Bites

Posted by Alexandra Radel

Oct 31, 2014 12:10:00 PM

witch2The rusty cauldron bubbles deep purple ooze as the witch of Hallows Eve Lane stirs her brew with a browning femur. The book of magic’s next ingredient is the eye of a crocodile and the left wing of a white bat. The ooze begins to simmer and a tiny rivulet seeps down the side of the cauldron as the fire roars.

As she runs her long, unruly nail down the page for the next ingredient, she hears the chilling hiss of a cat behind her. No sooner than she turns around, a stray cat lunges, bites her arm, and darts off. It all happened so fast! The cat is long gone and she is left with a bite wound on her forearm. She needs stiches, an antibiotic to fight infection, and (possibly) a rabies vaccine.

This is where you should be hoping the witch of Hallows Eve Lane has a health insurance policy, so she doesn’t have to pay 100% of her medical costs.

The witch covers the teeth marks on her arm with an old, tattered cloth and applies pressure. Thankfully, she just received her new cutting-edge, deluxe broomstick, equipped with cruise control, so she can ride hands-free to the emergency room. She gets on her broom and soars into the night to the glowing fluorescent lights of the emergency room.

Two hours later, the witch walks out of the ER with a bandaged arm, three stiches, and a prescription for an antibiotic. Fortunately, our hopes for witch are met. She thought ahead and signed up for an individual health insurance plan for 2014, so her medical costs, trip to the ER, and prescription are covered under her policy. She sets her cruise control and soars off into the night, cackling as she crosses over the moon.

Be like the witch of Hallows Eve Lane. Think ahead and be sure you’re covered under a health insurance policy that will help pay your medical costs, before the unexpected happens. Right now, it’s open enrollment for 2015 coverage starting Nov. 15 through Feb. 15, 2015!

Don’t wait for an injury or illness and then decide it’s time to sign up for health insurance. Be smart, examine your options, and sign up or update your health insurance policy for 2015.

Happy Halloween!

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