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Did you miss the open enrollment period? You may still be in luck!

Posted by Alexandra Radel

Jul 29, 2014 11:15:00 AM

iStock 000008432064MediumOur lives are so busy with working our way up the ladder, going to the kids’ soccer games, walking the dog, and making sure dinner is on the table by 6 p.m.

Let’s face it … life happens. When life happens, sometimes you lose track of time and miss a deadline such as the open enrollment period for getting health insurance with WPS.

Not to worry! You may still be in luck if at least one of the life events listed below pertains to you. If so, then you may be eligible for a special enrollment period. If you do qualify, you may enroll in any plan you would like, on or off the Marketplace, as long as it provides minimum essential coverage as defined by the Affordable Care Act.

Learn more and if you qualify, check out your next step options below.  

Qualifying Life Events:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth, adoption, or placement of a child for adoption or in foster care
  • Permanent move: To a new residence where your current plan doesn’t provide coverage.
  • Gain U.S. citizenship or leave incarceration
  • Indian tribe member: Members of federally recognized Indian tribes can sign up or change plans once per month throughout the year, in the Marketplace only.
  • Loss of other health coverage: Any loss due to loss of job-based coverage, the end of an individual policy plan year in 2014, COBRA expiration, aging off a parent’s plan, losing eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP, and other similar circumstances.
    • Important: Voluntarily ending coverage or losing coverage that doesn’t qualify as minimum essential coverage doesn’t make you eligible for a special enrollment period. However, as noted above, if you have a non-calendar year individual policy, you may have a special enrollment period 30 days before that policy ends in 2014.


What if I am already enrolled in a plan?

If you recently had a change in income or household status that affects your eligibility for premium tax credits or cost-sharing reductions, then you may qualify for a special enrollment period.

What if none of the above qualifying life events pertain to me?

You can appeal: If it seems like you don’t qualify for a special enrollment period, or if you apply and the Marketplace says you don’t qualify, you can appeal that decision.

Medicaid and CHIP: You can apply for Medicaid and CHIP coverage any time, if you think you may qualify.

No minimum essential coverage: You must pay either a penalty tax or apply for an exemption through the Healthcare.gov website.

Still not sure what your next steps are? There is always more information available to you through WPS’ free learning center available at your fingertips 24/7. This learning center provides a vast amount of information such as making wise health decisions, health insurance 101 and tips on controlling health insurance costs. 

To get a free quote, fill out our online Get a Quote form. When you are ready to apply, contact your local WPS agent or contact our sales team at 1-800-351-9925 for more information.

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