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A new year, a new me?

Posted by Mark Mitchell

Jan 9, 2014 9:06:00 AM

Set attainable goalsAbout a year ago, I posted about SMART ideas for making your New Year's resolutions stick. The new year often brings new ambitions.

In 2013, I had new goals. One of those goals was running a half marathon in the spring of 2013. I’ll be honest with you—it never happened. In fact, I couldn’t have been further from completing a marathon in the spring of 2013 or as I type this post today.

Like many people, my plans went downhill in a hurry as life got “busy” and priorities were rearranged. My plan this year is to take another stab, but not at a half marathon; I realize my current schedule and dedication level will not allow me to put in the time necessary to accomplish this goal.

I am faced with a split in the road. On one hand, I can continue down the road to becoming the average American, who doesn’t exercise nearly enough and eats a moderately healthy diet at best. On the other hand, I can take the road less traveled, maintain my health, and improve my fitness level.

The roadblocks are similar for most people—time, motivation, and consistency are only a few. Luckily, my wife and I are going at this together and the support we provide each other should help overcome some of these barriers. The plan is to start off small, attempt to get out and exercise at least three days per week and eat healthier options the majority of the time. From there, I’m hoping to expand on this gradually and work up to five or more days per week.

Adding more activity to your life and maintaining a regular exercise routine can be tough. Exercise and nutrition are typically the first things to take a back seat when life gets busy or weather conditions take a turn for the worse. Consistency is key, so getting out and doing something on those tough days can prove even more rewarding. What fitness- or exercise-related goals have you made for 2014?

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