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Download WPS' new health care reform brochure!

Posted by Ryan Kanable

Sep 3, 2013 9:00:00 AM

FREE health care reform brochureHealth care reform is a complicated topic. The law itself is 2,409 pages long and the rules being made surrounding it cover many, many more pages. Truckloads of articles have been written during the past few years about its requirements and ramifications.

So what can the average Joe do to get a handle on what the Affordable Care Act means for his health insurance and health care? Well, kind reader, I’ve got an answer for you. You can download a new informational brochure from WPS Health Insurance.

The new brochure, 9 Things You Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act, is for anyone interested in learning more about the health care reform law and its effects on health insurance. It covers topics ranging from the individual mandate to health insurance exchanges, what benefits are required to be covered, and more. The 16-page brochure offers helpful information in an easy-to-read format that makes key aspects of the law simple to understand.

The brochure is available online at info.wpsic.com/aca and can be downloaded for free.

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