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Energy boosters for a great day at work

Posted by Kirstin Kuplic

Nov 20, 2012 2:20:00 PM

Happy, energetic co-workers

We can all feel weary at work some days. But the key to beating an afternoon slump is to find something like a snack or a walk to energize and perk you up. Try these helpful ideas the next time you’re feeling slow!

Simple snacks

Going for long periods without eating is a good way to drain your mental and physical energy. So plan a small, healthy snack every two to three hours. Set a reminder on your calendar, phone, or watch so you don’t forget. Snacks to consider include string cheese, a piece of fruit, yogurt, a handful of dried fruit and nuts or seeds, half a granola bar, five wheat crackers with a little nut butter, and thin cheese slices. Be creative! Stay in the 100 to 200 calorie range and you’ll feel your energy level start to rise.

Beware of sugar

When you feel your energy drain after lunch or around mid-afternoon, it’s tempting to reach for a candy bar or a sugar-loaded energy drink. Resist if you can. The temporary sugar buzz now will give way to a dramatic crash later. If you must have sugar, try one piece of hard candy, a small sucker, or perhaps a vitamin C drop. The sugar in these items is not likely to affect your blood sugar dramatically.


Drinking a tall glass of ice-cold water can revive you with refreshing hydration. Get up from your desk and take a short walk to your nearest drinking fountain or down to the cafeteria to fill a cup or water bottle—it’s 100% calorie-free!


It sounds simple, but popping in a piece of minty gum will perk up your senses immediately.

Get your heart pumping

Make the best use of your break and take a stroll up and down the stairs, around your office, do a lap around cubicles, or try to get outdoors for a few minutes. When you’re very tired, activity may feel like hard work. You’ll notice, though, that as soon as you stand up and get active even for a minute, you will instantly feel better.

A few deep breaths

Try this: Stand up from your seat. Raise your hands over your head and inhale a big breath. Now lower your arms and blow out that big breath of air. Try it a few more times. You’ll get oxygen flowing freely again.

Try experimenting with various ways to boost your energy. Remember, pep is contagious. The more awake and alert you are, the more energy you have to share with others!

Share your own ideas

How do YOU beat the afternoon slump? Let us know your tips, tricks, and successful strategies for starting strong and staying strong all day long.

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