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Six tips for staying sober this summer

Nobody likes a bully

Over 50? Get to the doctor for colorectal cancer screenings

Focus on healthier food choices during National Nutrition Month®

Patient safety is your responsibility, but you’re not alone

How to help a loved one through drug or alcohol detox

Kid’s cavities: A bigger problem than you think

Celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day

How are those New Year’s resolutions going?

Cervical cancer can be prevented

Happy holidays!

How to choose a primary care practitioner

Keeping your cholesterol in check can pay big dividends

Protect your health: learn your family’s history

Today is the Great American Smokeout

Clowns vs. HDHPs

Help protect yourself with a flu shot

Preventive health services available for women at no cost

More and more small companies are choosing self-funded group health plans

Health insurance terminology for Millennials

5 ways to have a healthier barbeque

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day Weekend!

Keep your vacation sickness-free

Being diligent can help keep diabetes in check

Preparation pays off when choosing Medicare options

Keep your kids safe at summer camp

Older adults contribute to their communities all the time

Skin Cancer: When in doubt, check it out

Don’t let joint pain slow you down

The Stress Battle: Tips to help you fight back

What is a ‘UCR charge’ anyway?

Seven facts about alcohol abuse

Healthy Teeth. Healthy Heart?

Nutrition is important for older adults

When you’re a patient, ask questions!

Are you sleeping well at night?

What is a prior authorization and when might I need one?

Whooping cough a serious concern

Special Enrollment Periods under tighter enforcement

It’s time to put your hearts into it and Go Red For Women®

National Heart Month is a time to focus on your heart health

Drug and alcohol abuse awareness is the focus of a national program

2016 open enrollment ends Jan. 31

Is radon sneaking into your home?

Happy Holidays from WPS!

We have met the enemy. And he is us.

Rising health care costs aren’t Darth Vader’s* fault

It's open enrollment time!

Cracking the code of health care provider organizations

Winter is coming

Stay in better health with preventive care

This time of year makes it easy to add fruits to your diet

Be safe in the summer heat

Happy 50th Anniversary, Medicare!

Is something lurking in your bathroom?

WPS members should register for a convenient online account

July is herbal and prescription awareness month

Happy Independence Day

Getting better just got easier 24/7/365

Part 2: Summer Sun Basics: Know about Skin Cancer

Get fit and get reimbursed!

Part 1: Summer Sun Basics: Protect Your Skin

World Red Cross & Red Crescent Day

Walk-and-Talk Summer Meetings

Signs of Spring

Quick guide to prior authorizations

Part 2: Surround Yourself with Positive People

Urgent care, the ER, or a doctor visit—what’s the best choice?

Part 1: Surround yourself with positive people! Start with YOU!

WPS wins World’s Most Ethical Company award for the SIXTH time in a row!

Making changes

Research shows that most people don’t understand health insurance

Less stress by having less mess

The doctor will see you now–Virtually!

Should people with arthritis exercise?

CDC offers guidance about the risk of measles for adults

February is Heart Disease Awareness Month

The countdown begins to the end of open enrollment

Senior care and life planning

Did you know that January is National Soup Month?

Global Belly Laugh Day – January 24, 2014 at 1:24 pm

No time for a doctor visit?

Start with one habit: Drink your water


Get a head start on your New Year's resolution

Are my prescription drugs covered?

Practicing gratitude

I'm between coverage: Is COBRA my only option?

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving

Quit smoking today!

Coupling your health insurance

No Shave November brings awareness and some fun!

Open enrollment begins Nov.15!

Halloween Bites

Halloween Bites

Eating as a family may lead to healthier weight in young adults

Create healthy harmony with your doctor

WPS and SilverSneakers® Fitness regional finalist honored with Inspiration Award

Diabetes and high blood pressure: talk to your doctor!

What’s the difference between individual and group health insurance?

Do habits shape your life?

Don't wait for your annual checkup to get these covered preventive services

It’s National Yoga Month and the perfect time to reap the benefits

A September Start

Keep track of your health and wellness through your phone!

Health Insurance: You think you know, but do you really?

Depression in our society

A handy guide on preauthorizations

Think Christmas in the Summer

National Night Out Against Crime promotes safer communities Aug. 5

Did you miss the open enrollment period? You may still be in luck!

Don’t miss your Medicare sign-up deadline

Head to the water and give kayaking a try!

Three simple things you can do to make yourself a more productive employee

Have a wonderful, safe Fourth of July holiday!

WPS loves to volunteer and give back to our communities

Is vaping the future of smoking?

Guys, are you too tough for your own good?

Graduates, take a crash course in health insurance!

How alcohol affects your health

100 Days of Summer. 100 Days of Hope.

Melanoma in Wisconsin is on the rise

National Senior Health & Fitness Day encourages an active life

Pack up your cooler safely

Preventive care helps seniors stay healthy

Spice up your exercise routine with a change of scenery

What is an advance directive?

WPS members have access to helpful resources to get the most out of their online member accounts

Take advantage of local produce: Farmers’ market season is here!

Is your infant immunized?

Biking 101: Part II

WPS wins another prestigious ethics award

Biking 101: Part I

Mobile apps offer new ways to efficiently manage your health care

WPS takes corporate citizenship seriously

Brown bag it!

Did you miss open enrollment?

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Laughter really is the best medicine

The reality of drunken driving

Taxes and health care reform are more related than you might think

Take a stand against sitting!

Discover your inner hero: March is Red Cross Month

OCI warns of consumer fraud in final weeks of open enrollment

Open enrollment ends March 31

Exercising through the spring thaw

Medicare and the Marketplace: A tale of very distant, not really related, cousins

How to overcome soreness after exercise

Let’s go to the mall!

It's National Heart Disease Awareness Month

Seven heart-healthy habits that could save your life

Surround yourself with support

Diabetes and you: When your body decides to stop producing insulin

Intensity matters—try interval training

How to get a second opinion

The key to keeping on is …

What is an out-of-pocket maximum?

Are you getting enough phytochemicals in your diet?

Need online assistance? We can help!

A new year, a new me?

Congratulations to our online registration winners!

Is my medication covered?

2013 year in review: Health care reform resources

Happy holidays from WPS

Holiday safety stories for you and the whole family

If you need time and options, you need the alternative choice

How to avoid the holiday blues

Tips for dealing with holiday stress

What you should know about senior citizen hip injuries

Talk to a health insurance agent

Trans fats are officially bad for you

Blood pressure: a gauge to your health

The Great American Smokeout gives you a chance to kick the habit

Are employers required to purchase health insurance for employees?

Dental insurance is good for your smile

When you’re in the hospital, you’re in the hospital, right? Not necessarily.

Does your health plan cover a zombie apocalypse?

How and when to sign up for a health plan

Flu shot awareness, ice cream, and you

Children can get coverage under their parents’ health plan until age 26

Short-term health insurance is for life’s little transitions

Under ACA, preventive care is 100% covered

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

New health plans must include essential health benefits

Subsidies help make Marketplace health insurance more affordable

The Marketplace: Another way to buy health insurance

What to do about health insurance if you lose your job

Health insurance premiums may change

Are you working hard enough when you exercise?

Have a pre-existing condition? In 2014, you can’t be denied.

How do you feel about the individual mandate?

Gluten-free foods help some who have digestive problems

Download WPS' new health care reform brochure!

The best weight-management apps

Research shows that most people don’t understand health insurance

Read your way to lower stress

The 65+ crowd has lots of health insurance options

Make healthy fast food choices

Farewell and best wishes to our summer interns!

Does your health insurance cover you when you travel?

Stay hydrated this summer

Take a vacation from summertime stress

Discover hidden workouts you’ll enjoy

Stay hydrated to stave off the afternoon crash

The benefits of quitting smoking

Stay safe in the sun this summer

Beat the heat and prevent heat-related illnesses

How to prevent and treat bug bites

SilverSneakers® Fitness Program helps Medicare supplement members stay in shape

How walking can keep you healthy

Safely enjoy your fireworks this Fourth of July

Summer office safety tips

Tips for better sleep

Help make summer swimming safer for kids

How to reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms

Check out The Simple Dollar for information on health insurance

Men’s Health Week is June 10-16

Bike smart this summer

Eat fresh and support local farmers with Community Supported Agriculture

When is walking better than running?

New graduates have insurance options

Ideas for safe, healthy grilling

What you should know about women’s preventive coverage

Think twice before reducing carbohydrates

What’s a deductible?

How to avoid surprises from your health plan, part 5: When to get prior approval

Tips to avoid workout injuries this spring

Tragedy reminds us of the important things in life

What is an HDHP?

Tabata training delivers high intensity and saves you time

Should I go to urgent care or the ER?

How to stay in a healthy routine while traveling

Your income tax filing is more important this year

Plan your garden now for healthy foods later

How to avoid surprises from your health plan, part 4: Get the best value

Start up your morning exercise routine

How to avoid surprises from your health plan, part 3: Make smart decisions

Today’s yoga classes offer great workouts

How to avoid surprises from your health plan, part 2: Understand your needs before you buy

Proper hydration is important for your health

How to avoid surprises with your health plan, part 1: Ask questions

Planning helps with new fitness routines

Time to take your medicine

Save time, money, and pounds when you plan healthy meals ahead!

Essential health benefits no longer limited in 2014

How to sneak in more fruits and vegetables

What’s a health insurance provider network and how can it save you money?

WPS Health Insurance executive talks health care sticker shock

What happens if I don’t buy health insurance in 2014?

15 ways to cope with wedding stress

Start with inner love this Valentine’s Day

“Paging Dr. Right!” How to research, find, and evaluate potential doctors to meet your medical match (Part 2)

Hand washing helps prevent the flu and other illnesses

“Paging Dr. Right!” How to research, find, and evaluate potential doctors to meet your medical match (Part 1)

Try something new!

What is a health insurance pre-approval and when do I need one?

Stupid health mistakes you should avoid

Health insurance exchanges in Wisconsin--what do they mean for you?

Focus on eating smarter during Healthy Weight Week

Save money on groceries in the New Year

SMART ideas for making your New Year’s resolutions stick

ACA does NOT require all small businesses to provide health insurance

Make New Year’s resolutions you can keep

5 tips to healthfully navigate a holiday party

Make some time to enjoy the holidays

Six holiday gift ideas for fitness fanatics

How is a group health policy different from an individual health policy?

Stress-busting tips for a happier holiday season

A quick guide to health insurance terms, lingo, and jargon

5 smart ways to indulge in holiday goodies

Who needs health insurance? YOU do—here’s why!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Energy boosters for a great day at work

Vegetarian food can be filling and delicious

Are you still smoking?

Harvest time offers a change in flavors

Stay healthy this flu season

How to make the most of doctor visits

Are generic drugs safe?

Preventive services covered at 100%? You bet!

Welcome to Your Health Matters!