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Part 2: Surround Yourself with Positive People

positive people

Who are the people that are closest to you? Who has a daily influence on your mood, your self-perception, and your self-worth?  The friends, family, and co-workers that make up your inner circle really do influence how you feel about yourself and the world around you.

Urgent care, the ER, or a doctor visit—what’s the best choice?

doctor visits

You’re out doing yard work, fall, and bend your wrist—the wrong way. Ouch! You’re pretty sure it’s sprained. What should you do? How do you know if you should go to urgent care or the emergency room?

Part 1: Surround yourself with positive people! Start with YOU!

101887237 resized 600

Do some people just drain the life out of you? Negative people certainly have a negative effect on those around them. If you make an effort to surround yourself with positive people, you’ll find yourself adopting the attitude of those around you. Practice seeking and associating with positive people.

WPS wins World’s Most Ethical Company award for the SIXTH time in a row!


We have very exciting news to share with you, dear reader.       

Making changes

making changes

Lately I have had several conversations about change. Some with people who are resistant to upcoming changes and others with those who are trying to embrace new changes that are coming into their life. As a wellness coach, I try to support people as they make changes in their life. Whether you are trying to increase your activity level, lose weight, quit smoking, or get some stress out of your life, you will be making changes.


Research shows that most people don’t understand health insurance

research health insurance

Open enrollment for 2015 coverage just ended and it makes me wonder–do most people understand health insurance? The health insurance market has evolved so much that I would assume most people understand the basics of the health insurance they have. Right?

Less stress by having less mess

460589747 resized 600

Are you feeling stressed? Take a look at your surroundings. Is the space open, engaging, and welcoming? Is it cluttered and messy with no peaceful place to rest your eyes? Clutter can suck the energy right out of you. It can also affect your ability to focus. Did you know that clearing clutter can be a significant stress reliever and an energy booster?

The doctor will see you now–Virtually!


I wear heels, every day. I am 5’3, so you can understand how life changing a few extra inches can be. Picture this: I am walking into a department store to purchase a handbag that I shouldn’t be buying with black, peep-toe pumps on and I trip. I have a bruised ego and possibly a sprained ankle, but I am way too busy for a doctor visit today. Thankfully, I don’t have to; all I need is my tablet.

Should people with arthritis exercise?

couple exercising to relieve arthritis pain

For years, people with arthritis and related conditions were told not to exercise. Exercising with arthritis was thought to increase pain and inflammation. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that exercise can help people with arthritis by reducing joint pain and stiffness, and increasing flexibility, muscle strength, cardiac fitness and endurance. Regular exercise also keeps pain from starting by helping you shed pounds and reduces stress.  


CDC offers guidance about the risk of measles for adults

sad sick kid

Measles has been a topic in the news lately as several outbreaks have been reported in the United States this winter. Much of the attention centers on whether parents are getting lax about getting their children vaccinated. However, some adults are wondering whether they are at risk of getting the disease.

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