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Help protect yourself with a flu shot

Posted by Lou Babiarz Oct 13, 2016 1:02:45 PM

For most people, the flu is a minor annoyance, something they fight through for a couple of days once or twice a year. For others, the flu can be more serious, maybe even resulting in a hospital stay. For thousands of Americans each year, the flu is lethal.

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Preventive health services available for women at no cost

Posted by Ryan Kanable Oct 7, 2016 8:36:56 AM

Ladies, this blog is for you. Did you know there are more than a dozen preventive health services that, under the Affordable Care Act, you can get at no cost? That means there’s no longer a financial excuse to avoid the doctor. If you’re not using these services, you’re missing out.

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More and more small companies are choosing self-funded group health plans

Posted by Ryan Kanable Sep 1, 2016 2:58:24 PM

Self-funded group health plans, also referred to as administrative services only (ASO) or self-insured plans, have been an option for larger employers for years. But with group health plan costs continuing to rise under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), self-funding is now appealing to smaller employers as well. Why? Because self-funded plans are exempt from many of the Affordable Care Act’s requirements, and because there’s a chance they may save some money.

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Health insurance terminology for Millennials

Posted by Ryan Kanable Aug 24, 2016 11:00:00 AM

If you were born between about 1980 and about 2000, you fall into the Millennial generation. If you were born in the earlier end of this time frame, you’re now in your mid-30s. You’ve likely had health insurance for a few years. But if you were born in the middle of the range or toward the end of it, a health plan is probably not something you’ve thought about much. Or at all.

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5 ways to have a healthier barbeque

Posted by Alexandra Radel Jul 5, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Let’s barbeque! It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to get the grill out from storage, buy charcoal and lighter fluid, or make sure the gas tank is full. Grilling is a great way to spend more time outdoors and stay clear of a hot kitchen.

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Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day Weekend!

Posted by Alexandra Radel Jul 1, 2016 1:33:56 PM

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Keep your vacation sickness-free

Posted by Alexandra Radel Jun 21, 2016 8:37:34 AM

Ah, summer vacation! The sun is shining, the kids are getting along, and all accommodations are set. You and your family are ready for some fun in the sun, when suddenly–sickness strikes.

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Being diligent can help keep diabetes in check

Posted by Lou Babiarz Jun 14, 2016 1:48:41 PM

Diabetes has been called the “silent killer” and with good reason–it is the seventh-leading cause of death among Americans.

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Preparation pays off when choosing Medicare options

Posted by Lou Babiarz Jun 7, 2016 3:37:07 PM

Medicare was created to guarantee that seniors have access to affordable health care. To that end, the program has been wildly successful. But Medicare doesn’t cover everything.

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Keep your kids safe at summer camp

Posted by Lou Babiarz Jun 2, 2016 2:05:23 PM

Summer camp is an excellent opportunity for kids to explore the great outdoors, but if they’re not careful, they can stumble upon things that aren’t so much fun.

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